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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Kidase

i spend a lot of hour to finish this video, someone who missed our kidassie you can enjoy it here. especially for who lives outside ethiopian (Diaspora's) we ...

Ethiopian Virtual Keyboard (Version 1.0) - Demo

This video will walk you through some of the basic settings of the Ethiopian Virtual keybaord. Download link: ...

በባዕድ ሀገር የሚጸለይ

ከሀገራቸው ርቀን ለሚኖሩ ሰው ሁሉ ጸሎት ለማድረግ በተለይ ሀረብ ሀገር ላለን የልባችንን ይገልጻል ብያ ስላሰብኩ ነው...

sene golgota


How To Use YouTube In Amharic By Hilwna Melesse[This Week][Ethiopian] ዩትዩብን በአማርኛ መጠቀም በህልውና መለሰ

New Ethiopian 2014 About How To Use YouTube In Amharic By Hilwna Melesse(HileMele). Contact Me.

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